About Me

I am an early career, Pre-K to Third Grade school psychologist in the Greater Boston area. I recently relocated from Connecticut after working for three years as an elementary school psychologist. 

I graduated in June 2013 from William James College (formerly the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) with practicum experiences at the elementary (first year) and secondary levels (middle school second year and high school during internship). Prior to enrolling in graduate school I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Michael's College in May 2010. During this time I spent my summers working as a camp counselor for children on the Autism Spectrum, and did so up until 2012 when I served as a supervisor. 

When I created this blog it started as a project to document my experiences post-undergraduate as I moved into my graduate level training. I wanted to chronicle the experiences of being a twenty-something year old student trying to find her way in a new profession. I found that I was utilizing it as a way to cope, manage, and dialogue about the different stressors and accomplishments I encountered as a school psychologist. While my blog has been off the grid for a few years, I am hoping to bring it back as I begin the next phase of my career!

I hope you join me as I chronicle my experiences; past, present, and future. You can also connect with me on Twitter and Pinterest!

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