Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School

Summer as officially ended :( . Labor day has come and passed. Back to school sales are over. While I am excited to be starting on a new venture, I can't help but think how quickly the past few months have gone by. I mean, I only graduated in May. How is it I have started graduate school already? Up until a few days ago I was waiting to start packing to head up to Saint Mike's. Its very weird not being in Vermont with my friends this time of year and MSPP still doesn't feel like home quite yet. I'm in sort of a limbo that comes with both pros and cons.

My graduate school journey began August 23. A few days after camp ended I was up and on my commute to MSPP. It was what they called Fundamentals Week. Basically these three days served as an orientation to the school, program, professors, and cohort. While I was given a lot of information, I was given A LOT of information to the point where I was stressed and overwhelmed. However, MSPP fed us well during our three days so that helped a bit. Part of the school environment is food. They feed you every chance they get because families eat together; they want us to feel like a part of the family and community MSPP has established. Over the three days I was provided breakfast each morning and a lunch of some sort. As my luck would have it, my first three days at school were torrential downpours. I had never seen the school on a sunny day. Because of Mother Nature, pizza was our first meal in hope the BBQ could be saved for the next day. Well, Mother Nature continued to rain down on us (literally) and facilities decided the BBQ would have to be done in the pouring rain since the forecast didn't look any better for the next days ahead. I felt badly for the crew who worked so hard to grill us food, including burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, and chicken. I was much appreciative of their efforts. Our final day MSPP treated us to FreshCity. This is a fast food restaurant but with higher qualitiy choices. I love FreshCity, even though I've only sampled it a few times. My favorite wrap they do is the Tusacany. Since I don't eat too much meat, this is a vegetarians best friend. It has a delicious dressing with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, lettuce, and roasted red peppers. Definitely worth trying!

Once orientation was over I did all I could to avoid thinking about school. I spent my long weekend before classes. I squeezed in a trip to Six Flags and a relaxing day at the beach. As a special treat my dad and I cooked lobsters (on sale for $4.99 a pound). They were fiesty little guys but delicious! It was a nice treat before I started school the next day.

My first day of classes was Monday the 30th. Man oh man, was it a long day. First, I thought classes started at 9. Second, I take the T to school so I have been having issues arriving on time, and not super early. This day in particular I left my house later than I was during orientation and STILL got there an hour early for my 9:30 class! Third, even though the day was only three classes they were a long three classes. By my last class at four rolled around I was a goner. Tuesday was much easier not having to be there until 4 p.m. Wednesday, on the other hand, was a nightmare. We were all supposed to meet at a professor's house at 12 for a meeting and lunch. Of course, public transit is terrible and I arrived at Forest Hills to catch the bus as its pulling away. Typical for me, right? I felt awful because another girl in my program was going to go with me and waited for me to arrive. So instead we were both 45 minutes late, missed the whole meeting, and felt awkward. And if you know anything about me, you know time runs my life and I HATE being late for anything. It was pure torture. Wednesday night class was great and nice since it was only one class and not three :)

After that crazy week I needed a vacation day, so I headed to Walden Pond. It was great being in the water and in such a beautiful place. Walden Pond is a definite spot to visit in the summer and I want to go this fall to see the changing leaves around the reservation. Alas, my vacation couldn't last forever and it was time to get my little brother ready for college!! Ahh! I still can't believe he is now two days into his freshman year. Its bizarre since at the beginning of the post I mentioned I should be moving in. On Sunday we packed up the cars and headed out to UMass Amherst. His dorm is in the middle of nowhere on a hill. Its secluded, which he wanted. However, walking around campus to get lunch and his textbooks made me realize (a) how lazy I am and (b) how out of shape I am. He was excited to show us around and lead the way, even if we did get lost a couple of times.

Also, let me tell you food lovers about the FANTASTIC dining hall we ate in. Parid and I were in heaven! First, handmade sushi made to order! It was unbelievable and so delicious. Parid told me that made the trip worthwhile. Second, fresh fruits like you wouldn't believe. It appears they are a health conscious campus and try to provide food that is organic and good for you when they can. And as a perfect segueway favorite part of the dining hall and any meal: DESSERT! It was fabulous. Ice cream, cookies, cakes, cheesecake, creme brulee for crying out loud! PURE SUGAR HEAVEN!

Unfortunately, homework has slowly started to take over my existence and I must return back to the grind of highlighting and notetaking :(

Until next thyme,

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