Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recent Hiatus

I have been a terrible blogger lately. However, I have a very good reason.

Over the past month I have been working hard to complete my first year of graduate school! It has been a one crazy thing after another, especially this month of May. I just finished my last final of the semester and have passed in all my assignments, including two psychoeducational reports and a research study/project. Now its time to buckle down and get ready for my first year comprehensive exam (eek!). This exam will be on all of the material I have learned this year. That's seven sections over the course of four hours to complete. As of tomorrow I have 13 days until D-Day. Within those 13 days I feel like I have a million other things to get done aside from studying, including a poster presentation at Northeastern University for a research project I conducted this past year and finishing up at my placement. 

I plan on updating the blog with both school psychology and cooking adventures in the near future. Stick with me readers as I ride this wave of chaos. 

Until next thyme,

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