Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yes..I'm still here!

As the title of the post states, I am still alive and well. I have had such a roller coaster of the past 4 months its hard to keep up. As of late I have:

  1. Finished my first year of graduate school.
  2. Finished my first year working as a school psychology practicum student
  3. Passed my Master's Exam (cue the confetti cannon)
  4. Been published *almost* twice by the Massachusetts School Psychologists Association (MSPA)--once in the spring newsletter and on the website in the near future
  5. Almost done with summer session classes
  6. Working at summer camp as the administrative assistant a.k.a. Queen of YouthCare ;)
As you can see I have been a busy busy girl...and most of the above tasks have NOTHING to do with food :( So, I am turning my frown upside-down and asking for YOUR help! 

Your task: help me to compile a set of recipes to introduce to my campers this summer. In essence, I want to help make a resource for counselors and staff to use to make "cooking" activities easier. 

Things to consider
  • Recipes must be nut free or able to be made nut free. 
  • Recipes must also be affordable. We obviously have a budget and must be conscious of the ingredients we are buying (e.g., rarely used and/or expensive)
  • Our camp groups are named after various countries around the world, so feel free to pass along any and all international recipes
Let the sharing begin!

Until next thyme,

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