Tuesday, November 13, 2012

School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW) 2012

Happy School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW)!

It’s that time of year when we can shout from the rooftops how much we love our career as school psychologists! During this time of year we are reminded of how important our role is within the school setting and can take advantage of educating those in our school buildings and communities. It’s also a great time to educate students at our schools what our role is, how we can help them, and maybe inspire a few to choose this path.
This year’s theme is

Know your own strengths. Discover them. Share them. Celebrate them.”
via NASP

Since the beginning of the year I have had my poster hanging in my office and brought it down to my table at the career fair. As part of my increased effort to promote this year’s theme, I decided to utilize one of my many (many) Pinterest resources: a mind map. I wanted to use the mind map to help the students identify their own strengths. I decided to do one as a sample, but also to help me get into the spirit of SPAW! It can be so easy to go through the motions and forget what makes you YOU and an inspiring professional.

In the center of the mind map is the student’s name. Around it, using whatever creativity they feel comfortable with, have the students identify their own strengths. They can elaborate as much as they want and can also identify connections between the strengths. For example, I noted that I am passionate (my first strength I identified) which connects to my thirst for knowledge. Now, if you notice I included “imperfect” on my map. At first glance imperfect may seem like an odd fit, but I feel that acknowledging my imperfections as a professional and person makes me that much better at my work I do. I don’t always have the right answers and need to ensure I (and others) understand that.

I wish that I had put more planning into SPAW, but as an intern there was only so much I could really accomplish (selling myself a bit short I’m sure). I look forward to being more organized next year in my first job (eek!) and really raising awareness in my school community.

What are you doing to promote SPAW in your schools/districts?

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