Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer of Erika

Anyone a fan of Seinfeld in the audience? I grew up watching the show every night on re-runs with my dad and brother. I can recite most episodes and have probably seen them all at least three times. Well, as summer approaches and the employment hunt underway, I have been struggling to figure out what I’ll do with my summer. I have been torn about getting a summer job as I have had for the past seven years or to take it off in hopes that I’ll have so many interviews I wouldn't be able to hold a job down (or the third option, and most preferred, which is get hired by my current district by the end of the school year and spend my summer doing what I want ‘cause I’m employed with an actual salary).

While I am uncomfortable not working in fear that I won’t find a job (which is false) and will have student loan payments out my eyeballs (truth), I have really been procrastinating finding something to occupy my summer, even part-time. In the end, it looks like I’ll be having a Summer of Erika (insert Seinfeld reference here).

Yes. Yes, I do.
So, what will I be doing with a Summer of Erika? I've been dreaming of this all year as I don’t think I ever really intended on working (but feel super guilty about not). I've managed to compile a list of things I hope to accomplish, both leisure and professional activities. These are things I’ll be doing on my own, for me. I also make a wish list of summer adventures for me and the boy. Can you tell that I’m Type A?

  • Read. Read professional books and read some leisure books. Learn to juggle the two at once. Preferably on the beach.

  • Get Crafty I. Make some of those beautiful projects I find on Pinterest. Put some of my favorite quotes on canvas for my office.

  • Get Crafty II. Make coasters for the apartment.

  • Plan. Plan for my first year as a school psychologist. Review Dr. Branstetter’s book. Develop some lesson plans for groups I think I might be able to run given the population of students (i.e., elementary = social skills).

  • Sort. Sort through some of my pins from Pinterest and pick the ones I want to try and use.

  • Educate. Review some of the webinars I have found. Setting a goal of one per week, or eight total.
Now, I am VERY well aware I am going to be bored out of my mind. I mean, who am I kidding; I had cabin fever by hour 36 on all my hurricane/snow day stretches this year. I’m trying to think of this as a time to really psych myself up for the next year. I’ll already be happy to go back to work, but add boredom to the mix and I’ll be super-psyched to be there (play clip here…can you name the movie?)

In a final attempt to justify my Summer of Erika, I have done some calculations. My district gets out June 28 and a typical school year begins August 26 (for PD). That gives me exactly eight weeks to do as a wish. I figure that I’ll have one week of bliss, a few day/weekend trips to plan and go to, and I have two weddings in August. So really I’m looking at 4.5 weeks of “nothing” to do and time to accomplish my summer wish list.

I think I’m going to be just fineeee. 

What are your summer plans? Working? Relaxing? Recent grads treating yourself to a fun vacation (if so, I’m super jealous)? Any additions to my own list? Any ideas of places to go with AC (so I don't rack up my own electric bill?)

Until next thyme,

P.S. Here are some funny comics I found to get us ready for summer vacation! The last one is my favorite.

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  1. I remember my first summer before I got hired - it was impossible to make any plans because I was going on interviews and didn't know when those would be, and then didn't know when my potential start date would be once I got hired. Hope you have a great summer and enjoy your time before you start working!