Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mr. Bean Teaches Social Skills

*August 22, 2013: this is a post from last summer that has been sitting in my draft archives. I don't know why it was left unfinished? (....probably because I didn't upload the documents to go with the video). Anyway, thought I'd share it since it is here and ya'll are planning for your groups!


I took a risk. It was a risk I contemplated about as I walked to swimming but decided to stick with it. When planning my week I had elimated social thinking group for this group since we were supposed to be on the bus to our overnight. However, after viewing the weather report for the next 24 hours (aka thunderstorms and hail) we decided to reschedule. Unfortunately, that left me needing to plan a lesson for the normally scheduled group. For this group I wanted to plan a social thinking group that involved videos (especially after last week's positive reception). This group had been working on identifying/recognizing feelings and body language.

I had found a blog post a while back that listed some helpful video ideas and links that I wanted to use (unfortunately, the site has been set for invited readers only). At the top of the list was Mr. Bean. I grew up watching him with my grandmother and laughed hysterically every time. I did a quick YouTube search and decided I wanted a scenario as close to camper life as possible. I found one about Mr. Bean going to the beach. I watched the video a few times and created a list of potential places to stop and discuss during its viewing, which can be found here.

The kids got a little silly during the viewing, especially since they thought a Speedo was underwear (despite previewing). In some cases it was over their social cognition skills but overall they enjoyed the video and were able to discuss it in an expected way. This group was composed of 9 year olds, suggesting it may be more appropriate for an older group.

One even commented that Mr. Bean was present at the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. At least they know who he is now!

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