Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grad School

Wow, have I loved being away from classes! It has been so nice to get away from the busy schedule of school, being at my placement, and all other life demands. I have also been putting off school related things for the past month. I NEED to learn/practice a new test for my class (i.e. WISC) and haven't really done that. I have looked through the manual and actually read it (point 1 for Erika), but have not done anything else with it. So, I must must must get my act in gear. Unfortunately, I had to order my textbooks for next semester. Gah, only $400 later! I cannot believe books cost that much. The part I loved about undergrad was getting a discount from working at the bookstore (SMC Bookstore represent!). Either 10% or 20% off was a huge bonus when I had to buy expensive texts. I also loved being able to sell books back. Now, I need to hold onto these books and save them for my future office. Down the line I'm sure I'll appreciate having them, but I do not like them right now. Not one bit.

I have been eyeing some cooking accessories online that I would love to have for some recipes I have seen. To make my life easier I would LOVE a stand mixer. I have so many bread recipes that I want to get going on, but it seems impossible to do it without the beautiful-ness of the KitchenAid Mixer. I also want to try my hands at making ravioli. Parid and I are lobster mac and cheese/ravioli fiends (especially since we're New Englandas)! I would love to learn to make homemade pasta dough, but I am without a nice pasta maker/roller (which would be perfect with a stand mixer!). I know, I know. I can use a rolling pin. However, I am not so great with a rolling pin and want fun new gadgets for the kitchen too. Lastly, a nice cast iron pan. I dream about cooking bacon in a cast iron skillet, adding to the yummy seasoned-ness it has. If only I could inherit one from a southern kitchen(e.g. Paula Deen = butter, bacon, deliciousness, ha!). There are also lots of other pots/pans/cake dishes/tart pans/etc. that I would love to buy. If I only had that $400 in my account to spend ;).

Until next thyme,


  1. Hi Erika! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be buying some of those same books later this week :(

    But today I spent a while looking through the WISC manual and spent way too long trying to figure out the answer to the last matrix reasoning problem...if you figure it out lemme know :)

    Good luck!

  2. Well, well, well am going to have to start looking thru my stuff to see what I can give you....maybe a cast iron skillet in your future!